Thursday, March 1, 2012


PLEASE GO TO THE cricut scrappers web site and do this. Read below what i have copied from her blog site. Then go to her blog and Vote.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Vote and help them out!!

Hello everyone, I am trying to help spread the word, to help out this High School. They have been through a rough time and if we can give them doing something as small as clicking your mouse to vote... then I say what are you waiting for?

This is an exerpt from Jessica's blog, click here if you would like to read more.

Violence is exploding in our society

and our children and grandchildren

are faced

with feelings of insecurities and senses of danger

just while walking the hallways to

their classrooms each day.

Many of us remember Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Now, another school has faced the horrible

monstrosity of unexplainable violence
. . .
Chardon High School.

In this time of grief, despair, and uncertainties,

the students of Chardon High School

could use some help creating
High School Memories

they can and will share with
generations to come.

Please take a moment, to do a little to make an

everlasting impact on their young lives.

Vote for Chardon HS to win

a locally sponsored



  1. Vickie, I am so grateful for your support. I live nearby to Chardon, but the support from people ALL OVER is precious to me. Thank You and good luck in the drawing!!!
    A New Follower

  2. Thanks Vickie, I voted for them!