Saturday, December 31, 2011

Window card

Happy New year Everyone.  Hope your new year is filled with lots of crafting.

I made this card today from a magazine that I get.  Its called a Window card.  I was getting frustrated and threaten to thow it out the window about 3 different times.  The window is from the Christmas Noel
The tree is from Cindy Loo..  I used flock for the snow behind the tree and the window.  You cant really see it.  This card is a standard A-2 card.  I think it would have looked better if it was bigger. I guess it will do.  You can see some of my mistakes, but at least I came out. 
I used a MS punch for the bottom of the curtains. I also used some stickles to place dots  so it looks like its snowing.  I noticed that my curtains don't match. but In my house they never do.  One is always open more than the other side.  Thanks for looking.

I entered this in the FCCB challenge for this week,.  You were to use a cup or choclate or the color brown.  My window card is brown so I enter it. 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Birthday Bash Series.

Hi  I sure hope everyone had a good Thursday.  Here is another card using the card/tag key on page 25
The card on the left is the original card and the second one is with the  card tag key.  I don't remeber the size, but I'm thinking it was 6"and the layering was the same.  I need to remeber to right down the sizes especially if you decide that you want to do some of these.

I really like the way the cake came out using the card/tag feature.  the next picture is the inside of the cake card.

Now on to the next page Page 26  The first card is the mouse. I used <mouse1> <mouse1-s>  Layer 1 +<shift>  Layer 2    Phrase +<shift>
Now this next card is the card/tag feature cut at 9" 
You would never know that this was the card/tag feature from the mouse on page 26. You can go from a child's birthday card to an adult card  without ever having to turn the page.

I hope to be able to get the card/tag key card done tommorrow. If not definetly this weekend if nothing comes up.  Have a good nite and a safe Friday   BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Bash Series.

I thought I would also post the other two cards that I made for the bird on page 23.  I used the phrase key and the >shift< key for the last card.  The LOOK WHO'S  is the font keys with letters.  The number 3 is the font key from page 23.  The balloons are from the Layer 2 key with the puple balloon using the >shift< key.

The first card is the fox.  I did the fox, the Layer1 key>shift< key , then i used the Layer2 and the >shift< key.   The card is the middle is the card/tag feature.  Still have to figure out sizing for this. The star is the card/tag >shift< key. The 3rd card is the phrase key and the font key 4.

Here is a better look at the card/tag card.  Like said before I have to learn the sizing for this feature.

Hope you like these and I will see yall tommorrow ...BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Birthday Bash Series.

Page #22 from Birthday Bash

Here is the 1st  card,  The octopus, layer 1< >Shift<  layer 2 <shift>

                                                   Card #2 phrase key and the >shift< key 
I used the tag cut @5" i think.  I cut off the tails, because I didn't want them there and just used the base for the card.  I used the font key for the number 2 and the layer2 key for the presents.  I popped dotted everything to give it for demention.  I also used the >shift< key on the card/tag feature for its your birthday and cut it at 2" .  I used all the cuts on this page except the @mark.  I wasn't sure where to use it so I didn't cut it out.

these cards are very simple but you could add bling and really make them pop.  Thanks for looking.    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.


As some of you know, my husband has a tumor in the lower left lung.  We went to the Cancer Doctor this morning. Dr Skinner has ordered a pet scan, MRI on the Brain, ct scan on the Abdomen  and a Bone scan.   Dr James is going to do a biopsy and take a peice of the tumor and see what is going on with this thing.  Friday they will do the pet scan from head to toe.  Then next Tuesday they will do the ct on Abdomen and Bone scan.  We go back on Jan 4th for all the results.  I will let everyone know then what Dr Skinner has to say and what we need to do or what we will be doing.  I'm requesting prayers and good thoughts for my DH.  In the mean time I'm going to be making my cards for the Birthday Bash series.  I'm really enjoying the comments from everyone.  thanks  that means alot.

Brenda, Suzanne, Kathy, Cindy , KathyP, Shawnee, Yvette and Terri,  I miss you guys,  I can't wait until the challenge starts again.  This 2 weeks as been wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  to long.

Btw  I got gift cards to M's for my christmas.      Later today I will be posting the next card in my Birthday Bash series.     See yall later.   byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Monday, December 26, 2011

Brithday bash

Well I sure hope everyone had a gret Christmas.  I for one am glad that it's over. I decided to do another card for my Birthday Bash card series.  I started looking at the hand book and realized that you can make 2 different cards from one page.  The first card that I made was the one that I'm showing below.
The card below is from the same page but using the phrase key and shift phrase you get this cut and you can make a complete different card.
Then using the font key or the shadow font key you can get the same card but changing it alittle.  Here is the same card with a new look.

Now that I have looked more closely at the hand book, I will go back and do another card for 2,3,4,5,6

I hope you all will take a look at your handbooks a little better.  I know I will.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thank you Brenda

The ladies of the cricut friends crafting challenge decided that we were going to do a Secret Santa.  My Secret Santa was Brenda.  I wanted to share with you guys what this Beautiful Lady had made me and the other things that she had sent me.   Also her Beautiful card.
Brenda  ty so much  I love everthing.  Thank You   Merry Christmas

Friday, December 23, 2011


I finally did some wrapping today.  I wanted to show you my rossettes and my bow that I did for three of the gifts.

Birthday Bash #7

This is my second post for today.  This is card number 7 for my BB card series.  I made 2 different cards.

This second picture looks better.  I'm going to leave both of them up anyway

Christmas card

I have two different post today.  The first one is a Christmas card that I had to do for a friend of mine.  We both go to the same lady to get our hair cuts and she needed a card for her.  This is what I came up with.  BTW  she really like it.
The picture doesn't do it justice.  I used the Christmas Noel cart for the ornaments.  I used Winter Frolic for the top of the ornaments and glittered them to make the ornaments stand out. I used bakers twine for hanging the ornaments.  I used MS Seasonal Cake Art for Merry Christmas. I love the font on this cart alot.
Merry Christmas to everyone.

Thursday, December 22, 2011



this is the front of my  calenders that I did for my Daughters for Christmas. 
This is for my youngest Daughter

This callender took almost the ole year to do,  I loved it.  I will see if I can find all the pages and I will post them for yall to see

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All in one Stationary boxes

I had 2 of these that I had to do for gifts.  I watched a few video's on how to make these and desided that I liked the one by Dannie Graves  She had great video and directions that were very easy to follow.  These are fun to make.  Here is the first on.  A-2 cards with envelopes.  3x3 note cards with envelopes. Tags.   3x3 post i note holder a a pen.  when you close it up with the lid everything is in its place.

This is the way it looks when you open it up.
 The second picture is 3x3 post it note paper and holder.  The 3rd picture is the 3x3 note cards. 4th pic is the tag.                                  This is the A-2 card
                               This is what it looks like when closed up.  You can embellish any way you want and make any card you want.  The A-2 cards fits the best.  Also you could make a holder for stamps if you wanted to, also you could make an address book instead of the post it note holder. 

                                                             Here is the second one that I did



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Bash

I made this card from BB for Challenge. This week's challenge was "candle"  Use a candle on your project.  I decided to go out of order on BB and made card #32.  The
 candle on page 52.
I inked all around the card with brn and rounded the corners.  I pop dotted the candle to give it more depth.  This card is very simple, but I like the way it came out

I made these tags for the FCCB challenge  "TAGS
I made the tags using the Ribbons ans Rosettte cart.   Its not the easiest cart to use.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Last Christmas card of the Season

I've been a follower of Laurie, hidinginmycraftroom, for a while now.  She has these challenges that she does every Saturday. I've been wanting to do one and today I decided to do it.  This challenge was Embossing.  If you have never checked out her blog  you need to.  She has some great challenges and also some great stamps.  I confess I haven't gotten any yet.  I still like to look at her blog and the many ideas that she has.

I used the snowflake embossing folder for the base of the card.  I not sure which folder I used  for the dress and hat for the girl that i cut from Winter Frolic.  I just got this cart last weekend when we were in Joliet, Il visiting.  I think I'm going to like this cart, especially next year at Christmas time.  I also used some glitter on the middle present and glitter on christmas. Hope you like my card.  The layering drove me crazy, but I finally got it.

Good Morning

Here we are exactly 1 week from Christmas.  I'm still not in the Christmas Spirit, but am trying to make an attempt at it.  My Hubby asked me last nite if we had a little tree. I said no, why?  He said it doesn't feel like Christmas.  So for him I''m going to try.  Enough of that!!!

Here is my entry for the MAG challenge this week.  I'm really liking this challenge because it gets me to use the carts that they choose for the week, if I have that particular cart.  This week they have chosen the Paisely cart, which I have, page 26.  Here is the link for their challenge and the rules.  If you get a chance go over there and take a look at what they do and there amazing DT projects.

I decided to make a card using the page for a set of cards that I'm making.  I will post that later today if I get it finished.  Here is my entry.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

nothing new

I didn't get a chance to do card #7 from BB today.  Hubby had Doct appointment and a test to run.  Was there most of the morning.  Grocery store then home.  My best friend called and said WE were going to bingo. So that what we did.  I had emails to check and by the time I finished doing that and checking all my blogs that I follow for new post,  There was time to craft.  I did for an hour working on  a Christmas present that I'm going to give my friend.  When its finished I will post here so yall can see it.  I'm going to get some sleep and hope to get the card done tomorrow.  So for now have a safe weekend and will holler later at you.   Good nite.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Birthday Bash

Here is card #6 in my Birthday Bash cart series
I was wondering if anyone knows how to use the card feature on this cart?  I'm having a very hard time trying to use the card feature, then using all the other features with the card. So I'm making the bases either A2 size  or 4x5 card base.                     #6

 I also wanted to share with you my entry into the Lasting Memories Challenge this week. Its Winter Wonderland & Falling Snowflakes.

The snowflake paper is from the Christmas pack that I had gotten at J's  The mittens are from Design Calender cart. Ribbon from my stash.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Birthday Bash Card #4 and #5

card #4 is the Fox.  The layering on this is not the easiest to do. But you can work with it and it does layer.

card #5

card challenge

I made this card for a challenge.

The challenge this week was using the FY cart page 43.  Your are only able to use the page that was picked for the challenge.  You can use any embelleshments that you have in your stash, but no other cuts.

I'm also going to enter this in the
challenge also for this week.  Christmas tag
Also going to enter this in the FCCB challenge Ribbons on your project.

thanks for looking

Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Bash

I had a great weekend .  My husband and I went up North to visit with family.   I was able to go to Mernards and was able to find Nursery Rhymes for $12.  I was very happy to be able to find this cart for that price.  Then I went to 3 different M's in three different locations and was able to get Winter Frolic.  I'm still on the look out for Flower Shoppe.  I wasn't able to find it any where.
I plan on doing card #4 in the Birthday Bash tomorrow if everything goes okay. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All-n-one stationary box

I watched a couple of videos on u-tube to see how to make this.   Splitcoaststampers also has directions on making these.   I really enjoyed doing this. 
This was made using a 12x12 piece of heavy cardstock to make it sturdy.. This first picture is the box all closed up.

The second picture is everything that you will make for the inside of the box.       A-2 cards, 3x3 note cards w/envelopes, tags,  Alittle book for either addresses, or note.  You can make another little holder for stamps and add a pen if you want. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 5, 2011

Birthday Bash

I going to be doing a series of projects with different carts that I have.  The first cart that I will be using is
Birthday Bash.  I did the bird on page 21 and the layering.  I didn't like the saying with the hat, to I used Happy Birthday from another page. The card is a 4x5 size card.  I'm hoping to be able to use alot of my scraps for these projects.  Here is the first card.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This first card is for the MAG challenge.  Yoiu had to use the cart SYI  page 52  If you get a chance go to the MAG site and check out there Challenge.   http://magchallengebythepage.blogspot.comMost of the time. I'm unable yo play because i don't have that cart..  But this week I did.  The card is an A-2 card.  I used my cuddlebug folder snow for this card.  The ribbon I had gotten it at M's.
This next card is from SYI.    Over in the CricutChat forum I do a thread with 4-5 other ladies. Its called Cricut Friends Crafting Challenge.  Starting the first of the year we are going to do the projects in the handbooks of the carts that we have.  I started my now that way I will be done alot sooner, since I don't have as many.  Any here is the card.  All the cuts are from SYI.

This next card is a birthday card that I had seen on  She is so talented.  I have been inspired from so much of her work.  Also on RAQ's card challenge for extra credit we had to do a stair step card. 

I used LL for the font, The cake was from BB.  This is the second time that I have used this cart.  I think I'm going to like this cart.  The presents are from Doodlecharms.