Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Birthday Bash Series.

Page #22 from Birthday Bash

Here is the 1st  card,  The octopus, layer 1< >Shift<  layer 2 <shift>

                                                   Card #2 phrase key and the >shift< key 
I used the tag cut @5" i think.  I cut off the tails, because I didn't want them there and just used the base for the card.  I used the font key for the number 2 and the layer2 key for the presents.  I popped dotted everything to give it for demention.  I also used the >shift< key on the card/tag feature for its your birthday and cut it at 2" .  I used all the cuts on this page except the @mark.  I wasn't sure where to use it so I didn't cut it out.

these cards are very simple but you could add bling and really make them pop.  Thanks for looking.    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.

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