Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All in one Stationary boxes

I had 2 of these that I had to do for gifts.  I watched a few video's on how to make these and desided that I liked the one by Dannie Graves  She had great video and directions that were very easy to follow.  These are fun to make.  Here is the first on.  A-2 cards with envelopes.  3x3 note cards with envelopes. Tags.   3x3 post i note holder a a pen.  when you close it up with the lid everything is in its place.

This is the way it looks when you open it up.
 The second picture is 3x3 post it note paper and holder.  The 3rd picture is the 3x3 note cards. 4th pic is the tag.                                  This is the A-2 card
                               This is what it looks like when closed up.  You can embellish any way you want and make any card you want.  The A-2 cards fits the best.  Also you could make a holder for stamps if you wanted to, also you could make an address book instead of the post it note holder. 

                                                             Here is the second one that I did




  1. This is so neat! I would never even imagine doing something like this, but now I want to try it!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love this Vickie. I definitely want to try one of these. Love the papers you used and its just a wonderful gift. In fact I could change my name to Karen, Kathy, Kendra or whatever to fit. :)

  3. Merry Christmas Vickie!!!
    Love your box it is so cool - thanks for the compliments on my quilts I have enjoyed making them!

  4. OMGosh these are so fabulous Vickie!!! I am so going to have to try these after the holidays!!! Great job my friend and thanks for the link!!