Tuesday, December 27, 2011


As some of you know, my husband has a tumor in the lower left lung.  We went to the Cancer Doctor this morning. Dr Skinner has ordered a pet scan, MRI on the Brain, ct scan on the Abdomen  and a Bone scan.   Dr James is going to do a biopsy and take a peice of the tumor and see what is going on with this thing.  Friday they will do the pet scan from head to toe.  Then next Tuesday they will do the ct on Abdomen and Bone scan.  We go back on Jan 4th for all the results.  I will let everyone know then what Dr Skinner has to say and what we need to do or what we will be doing.  I'm requesting prayers and good thoughts for my DH.  In the mean time I'm going to be making my cards for the Birthday Bash series.  I'm really enjoying the comments from everyone.  thanks  that means alot.

Brenda, Suzanne, Kathy, Cindy , KathyP, Shawnee, Yvette and Terri,  I miss you guys,  I can't wait until the challenge starts again.  This 2 weeks as been wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  to long.

Btw  I got gift cards to M's for my christmas.      Later today I will be posting the next card in my Birthday Bash series.     See yall later.   byeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. Keeping you and your hubs in my prayers. This will be a tough week with all those tests. Keep us informed and big hugs to you both. God bless and miss you too!

  2. Here are warm wishes for the health of your hubby. I hope the test results are good! Michaels has all their Christmas goodies at 70% off! Have fun!

  3. You and Larry are in my prayers Vickie. I know this is a hard time for both of you, but Larry seems to have the right attitude and I think he will fight a good fight my friend. You know we will be here for you at any time Vickie. Hugs to you and your hubby! Will see you on the challenge soon!!!

  4. prayers and postitive thoughts for a healthy 2012!