Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Its been awhile since I posted anything on my blog. I haven't been crafting lately because I've been too busy watching videos on the EXPLORER which I purchased on the last launch form HSN. I've had it now for about three weeks and I finally did my first cut with it.  I did the Thank you card that was Make it for everyone to make sure that their Explorer was working.  Which is was.  I also cut this from Simply Scare Crows.  Here is what I did.
I have a lot to learn but at least now I know that the EXPLORER isn't going to bite me.  I was a little overwhelm at first.  I see different people using vinyal  to make ornaments right now, but I'm not nearly as ready to do that YET.  More videos to watch.

I also  Made these Frankie Box  that ANGIE   from  www.mychicnscratch.com had made.  She does the 12 days of Halloween and she also does Frankie and tries to change him every year.  I love making him. Thank you Angie for the video on how to make him.
Isn't  he cute  I made a total of 9 of these.

I also made a Halloween card and got the inspiration from a person on u-tube. Her u-tube name is Babytweetums.  I really enjoyed watching her videos on making this card. 

Thanks for looking and comments are appreciated.  Have a great week and have a safe and fun Halloween.

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  1. Well look at you go Vickie!! I am so happy that you did your first cuts on the Explore! I love the thank you card, it looks fabulous. Your Autumn cut looks great too. Angie is awesome with her 12 days of Halloween isn't she. She does always do Frankie each year, but changes it up each time. I think Frankie is very handsome my friend. And I love your Halloween card too. Glad to see you post again! Big hugs, Brenda