Sunday, February 12, 2012

Need Title

here is a LO that I did with pictures of my great-neice and a flower Teqnique
that I saw in a magazine. I'm having problems trying to figure out a Title for the LO. As you can see the scheme of the LO has nothing to do with the Pictures,which is how I doi my LO's. i see a picture or pictures and I go from ther, My albums don't have a theme. I just take the pictures and make the page, unless I see someones page that i want to do.

Here is a close up of the flowers


  1. Hi Vickie, I grabbed my inspiration station phase book and I found some cute titles you may like, here is a few of them: Precious Treasures, Priceless moments, The face of an angel, miles of smiles, Im just plain cute. I hope you can find a title for your awesome page. Great job.

  2. How about "Bloom Where Your Planted"? Your lo is awesome Vickie, I love how you outlined the flowers with twine, great look!!!