Friday, February 3, 2012


I didn't get to do any crafting today so I don't have anything to post. I have hearts cut out and am hoping to make a mobile that I saw on Capdia Designs web site. she had made a mobile a coupld of years ago and I really liked it, the hearts are cut out, i just have to put it together.

For those of you that know about my DH and for those that dont, My DH was diagnosed with Lung cancer on Dec 22, also my lesion on brain. I want to up date you guys to let you know that the Dr admitted Larry into the hospital today for dehydration. He also has some very bad sores on his toungue and mouth and throat. This is caused from the Chemo that he had a a week ago. Most ppl get sick from the Chemo, but not Larry, he gets the other side affects. I swear he isn't normal. lol Dr said that he will be in at least a 2-3 days. He is getting iv fluids, antibiotics and other things. He is also getting pain meds,because his toungue and mouth was really hurting. He has only been eating scrabbled eggs because that wasn't hurting his mouth. This morning tho he couldn't even eat them because of the pain. So Dr figured it was time to stop trying to do this at home.

I do want to show you a picture of my DH with the 2 youngest grandsons. The littlest one Dalton says he has hair like hit PaPa.


  1. I am so sorry Vickie that Larry is having a hard time. Doesn't sound like fun at all. I hope the doctors can get him feeling better real fast so he can eat and come home. Praying for you. Big hugs! The picture with grandsons is so cute.

  2. Vickie, I am so sorry to hear about Larry. I hope he feels better soon. I love the pic of him with your grandsons.