Thursday, February 16, 2012


I want to aplogize on my spelling on my last blog posts. I went back this morning and looked at all my comments. OMG you would have thought that my fingers were drunk. They weren't and neither was I. When the weather gets cold and dry, my fingers crack very badly, because of dishwater and other things. My index and thumb have bandages on them, so I'm typing with three fingers. I have even had to go back on this post and fix the mispelled words.

Thanks for all the comments on my blog I really appreciate them. I'm writing this post from my DH'S hospital room. He is getting his second round of chemo. He will get to go home sometime today. Please keep him in your prayers that he does not have the smae reactions that he had with the first round. He had all the reations except the nausuating. Every thing else. He is on Cisplatin (Platinol). right now he is sleeping because I'm sitting here in the room with him.. I hope to get some crafting done this weekend. So have a good Thursday and Happy Crafting Ladies.

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  1. You are a hoot Vickie! I love the drunk fingers, I will have to remember that one! Crack fingers are not fun, use an antibodic cream to help promote healing. I will keep Larry in my prayers my friend. I hope he has came home today and that he doesn't have all the side effects as last time.