Friday, May 11, 2012

Reagan's Room

My great neice will be one years old on May 18th.  She will be getting to move into her new room, instead of the room that  is considered the nursery.  I made this plaque to go on her door.

The Font I used is LL's.  I used the JUMBO function key.  I welded the letters togeter in the ccr.  I love using the craft room for welding.  In fact that is what I use it the most for.  The Plaque I got at M's and painted it Pink.   The white lettering was going to be a practice cut to make sure that it would fit on the Plaque.  I decided to use the white as a shadow and the the pink  and off set it to make REAGAN'S ROOM stand out a little more.  I used some bling that I had gotton as M's.  I used some Ribbon that I had also gotten at M's.  I will be delivering this ansd also the project that I will be showing tomorrow on my blog for her birthday party that Larry and I will be going to over Memorial Day weekend.

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  1. Love this Vickie!! How clever of you to use one giant R for both words!! Yay for Reagan getting her new big girl room!!!