Monday, May 28, 2012


My Husband and I spent a couple of days at his sister's house.  Thursday we had a family get together so Larry could spend some time with his brothers and sisters.  My Husband in the picture is the one with the light blue shirt.   Most of you know that my DH has stage 4 lung cancer.  He is going thru treatments and so far it is working.  In  this picture from left to right.  Ruby, Mary, Larry (my hubby), Sam.  He has another brother, but he left before we could get the picture.

My Husband recieved these from a friend  that loves to give flowers.  She was going to give him another kind of flower, but when she saw these she love them.  Its also my DH's favorite color.


  1. Love the pic of Larry and his siblings, it is always good to get together with family! I love, love those beautiful blue roses Vickie, your friend has great taste in flowers for Larry!! I pray that Larry's treatments continue to work my friend and that he will kick this cancer in the butt! Big hugs!

  2. Wonderful pic of Larry with his sisters and brother! The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos! The family photo is great! The flowers are gorgeous!