Thursday, December 6, 2012

The cheerleader and her Football Player

I  made these for a calender page.  I needed something for September besides the usual Labor day.  2013 Labor day will be Sept 2nd.  In September The kids are back in school and the football games start. So I decided to do Sept and Foot ball.

I used the Teddy Bear on Parade cart for the football player and the cheerleader.  I cut around the cutouts to make the pom poms more realistic for the cheerleader.   I had alot of fun making these.

I have entered this in the New Monthly Challenge over on the Lasting Memories blog  I have done one complete 2013 calender and this is my 2nd calender for 2013.  I start out simple and my mind thinks of other things to put on each page.  By the time I'm done its taken almost all day to do the LO page.

I really enjoy making the calenders.  The numbers and Days of the week are from the Designer's calender  cart.


  1. omg This is sooo cute!!! I think I just might have to try this..venture out a little ya know!
    xoxo Charity LMDT

  2. And such cute calendar pages they are!! So great that you do something that you love and others will adore! Thanks for sharing with us at Lasting Memories for the "Month in Review" challenge.

  3. aww... This is BEARY CUTE!! hehe..
    Love this calendar page.. Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at Lasting Memories for our first ever "Month in Review"..
    Toni - LMDT

  4. I love, love this calendar page Vickie! From the football player, to the cheerleader to the football title-it's all spectacular my friend!