Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sorry for the mix-up

Let me say that for the BBTB2 challenge and the FCCB challenge I'm so sorry.  I do know the rules of the challenges because I do them alot. I will go a remove my entries.

Let me explain what happened.  My DH is fighting stage 4 lung cancer since Dec 22 2011.  Last Friday he had to have a ct scan of his chest because of some problems that he was having.  When the Doctors office called me with the results, It wasn't a bad report, but things have changed a little from the previous scans.  I was making this card with all this on my mind and was going to use the George card for the rectanngle and the saying.  But not thinking  I just used my trimmer and cut them out. 
So please for give me.
 I'm thankful that I was able to do this card and the sentiment does say how I feel.

Every one have a  Very Happy Thanksgiving, 


  1. That is totally fine...We understand that sometimes people r confused about certain things..Just make sure to qualify for our challanges that you use which cricut cut is being asked for in that particular week:) I am so sorry about your Hubby..I think it is amazing though that he is still with us after 4 year..I lost my Dad to Esophageal cancer about three years ago and my FIL to lung cancer about 6 months ago..After be told they had cancer, my Dad lived 3 months and my FIL a year....So I am glad you guys r trying to beat this..Anyhow, your card is still very cute..Thanks for trying to join us at BBTB2...Please submit something again for our next challallenge..we would love to have you...Krista

  2. Vickie it is so understandable with all you have on your mind my friend. Please don't give it another thought, we are all human and we all make mistakes. Trust me this isn't a big deal, so don't sweet the small stuff!! You can submit something else at another time my friend, just hang in there and tell Larry to hang in there too. Now you need to email me so I know what the doc said!!! I'm here for you my friend!!