Sunday, August 16, 2015

HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY and other things.

Good morning.   Its been a while since I posted on my blog.  It's been so neglected.  This has been a busy summer and its just about over.   3 of my 7 grandchildren are back at school.  My son-n-law is almost done with his radiation. Only 4 more to go.  Then the next step in this process, will be to make him able to talk again with prostheses.
My oldest grandson was in a car wreck and broke the humouris bone in his right arm 7 places. Below is a picture of his arm before surgery.

He had to have 25 tiny screws and a plate put into his arm to fix it.  We go tomorrow to get the staples out and exrays to make sure its healing right.  Then physical therapy.
Okay now on to better things.   I needed to make a birthday card for my great-great-niece so I decided to  make a pop-up- box card.   I searched u-tube until I found the one that I liked.  This is the video that I decided to go with.  Sandi Maciver is the lady and she goes step by step on how to make this card.   I don't have Stampin up products, so I went to cds and search for what she used on my cricut carts and found some things to use. I sized everything to fit on my card.
Here are the pictures of my finished card.  I like the way it came out.


There is a place on the back to write on.   thanks for looking and have a great Sunday,

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  1. Great project! I wish you well with your recovery!
    Thanks for joining the Anniversary Challenge @ HIMCR!