Thursday, May 30, 2013


Its been a little while since my last post.  I've been doing some more things for my granddaughter's Baby Shower that is coming up on June 8th.  I posted the baby shower invites in my last post so now I'm going to post some of the decorations that I have made.

Brenda from Friends Crafting With Friends. She had posted some time ago on her blog a Tricycle Diaper cake.  She had posted on her web site that she had gotten her idea from

I'm more of a visual crafter so I started google searching on U-Tube to find a video on how to make this Tricycle Diaper cake.  I found a gentleman on U-Tube Mike Evans.  The tutorial is great and very easy to watch and do.  He also makes a Motorcycle Diaper cake.

I like the way it turned out.  I'm hoping my granddaughter really likes it too.   This will be a surprise for her.  Thanks for looking.

The next photos are my Motorcycle Diaper cake.  I like the way it came out.

My wheels all look like they have low tires.   LOL  I see that I will have to fix them.


  1. Wow Vickie, I am loving the trike and motorcycle diaper cakes!!! They turned out really well! Where did you end up getting your blankets from? I have seen the motorcycle ones too and thought they were very cute too. Your turned out awesome my friend! I can't wait to hear how your granddaughter likes them!! And who is the cutie pie that we get a glimpse of in the one pic?!

  2. Very cute! I bet they were a great hit at the shower. TFS.