Sunday, May 5, 2013


Its been two weeks since I posted.  We had the memorial service for my DH last Saturday.

My sister and her husband came back for the service and my brother-n-law had to have emergency surgery because of a ruptured spleen. My sister didn't even make it back for the service.  I told her that it didn't make any difference that Barry was important.   We had to call an ambulance to come and take him around 11:00 AM    Last Wednesday the Doctor released him so My sister and her daughter could drive Barry back to Dwight Il where they live.

On Wednesday after noon I had to go to Babtist Heath in Paducah where my youngest daughter had gone to her OB doctor.   They admitted her immediately and did an ultra sound and found that the umbibical cord was over the top of Colton's head.   They said that this was very dangerous for the baby and that she needed a C-section done.   The nurse told Jamie that if she was to go into labor the cord would come out first.  Then Colton would have landed on the cord and no blood or oxogen would have gotten to him and he would have died.  I will post pics at the end of my blog.

So the past week has been crazy.  Now that things have settled down I think now I can morn my husband for just a little bit.  Not long because he would come down and kick my but.  LOL

Here are some pics of my new grandson.


  1. You have been through so much this month Vickie. Praying for you as you grieve the loss of Larry but also happy for you and your new blessing. He is so cute! Sorry to hear about your brother in law too but glad he's better. Hugs my friend.

  2. Sorry to hear about your husband's passing. May God give you comfort during this time. My husband is dealing with cancer and it has been a rough few months with the chemo treatments.
    Congrats on your precious grandson!

  3. Wow Vickie, you have been through so much in the past few months. You know you are in our prayers my friend and that we are always here for you. I am so glad and thankful that they got Colton out and he is doing well. He sure is a cutie pie!!! Hang in there my friend!!!