Friday, September 14, 2012

January calender page for 2013

Here is the January calender page for the second calender that I'm doing. I used the Winterwoodland cart for the hat and also for January.  The snowflakes is from a punch that my daughter had gotten from a garage sale.  I've never see a punch like this before and there isn't a name on it so I don't know who its from.
the days of the week and the numbers from Designer Calender and sized in the ccr and saved in the ccr.  I can just open them up and then use what ever paper i want. The bottle is from Simply Charmed and so is Cheers.  Thanks for taking a look.

Here is the top part of the page.  My other pics didn't show the whole page.  sorry  Thanks for looking.  Will have more to show later on.

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  1. I am loving your calendars Vickie! They are turning out so cute! You rock these calendars out so well, I might as well send you mine to do! lol, lol