Monday, April 16, 2012


I made this card for my neice Aimee. Her Daughter(Reagan) will be turning one on May 18th and Aimee . Twants to send out these thank you cards from her. Thanking everyone for what they had given her. I used the Baby Steps cart. I cut the #6 toddler @3". The thankyou was cut from the NEW ARRIVAL cart@2".

Altogether my sister and I made 45 cards and envelopes. Here is what 45 cards and envelopes llok like. It took us about 10 hours altogether to make these.


  1. WOW Vickie you have been busy. Those cards looks awesome.

  2. Wow Vickie you and your sister were busy!! Your cards look fabulous and the perfect thank you card! I love the color assortment of the cards and wow you made all the envies too?!! You rock Vickie!!

  3. Vicki,These are so Cute!!!New Follower!