Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mini Album and New Great-grandson Skylar

A lot has happened since my last post.  My S-N-L  had  a mass removed from his throat on the 18th of April.  This was done at Norton's Hospital down town in Louisville, Ky. He was diagnoised with stage 3 Sqaoumas Cell Carcinoma. They are not spelled right but you get the idea.  They did get all of the mass out and will get results on the 6th.  They had to remove his vocal chords and his voice box and lympnoids.  So far so good he is doing good.  He got to come home last  Friday, 6 days after his surgery. My Daughter is taking excellent care and giving him his meds and of course he still has a feeding tube until they do the swallowing test on the 6th also.  So proud of her.  So please keep Michael in your prayers that he will be able to swallow.  He will still have to have radiation after he heals and also a tract.

Now on to some happy news. My great-grandson was born on April 22nd at 4:59 in the morning. Skylar weighed 8lb 10 oz.  and was 20" long.
 This is Skylar

The second picture didn't come very clear, but that is Kylar hugging his baby brother.

Now on the my mini album. This is not my idea but Ginger( My Sisters Scrapper)  She makes the most amazing mini albums.
The papers are all from Graphic45 Botanical Tea.  I love this paper.   This mini album is called
a Water Fall Folio.  So easy to make.  If you can, go check out Ginger's u-tube channel.

I still have to add the ribbon to the tags that fit in the side pockets.  This was an easy folio to put together.  It took my longer to figure out what to do with the front than it did to put it together. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week. 


  1. Oh my goodness Vickie, why didn't you email or text me?!! I can't believe all you had happening!! I'm so sorry about your SIL, I pray that he will be able to swallow when the time comes. It sounds like he still has a long journey to go so will be praying for him. Sounds like your daughter is caring for him very well, you have every right to be proud of her. Your great grandson is just adorable!! He was a good sized baby too! I love the picture of his brother giving him a hug, so sweet and precious! Your folio turned out fabulous my friend! I am so loving that paper too. lol Aren't they fun and easy to do?! You rocked this folio!! Hugs, Brenda

  2. Both your Grandsons are adorable! What a blessing.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful album.
    Crafty hugs,